About Simmons

Simmons Antiques is a Montreal, Quebec company owned by Ken and Karen Simmons.


I am pleased to announce that as of May, 2011 I becane an accredited member, specialist in Decorative Arts, Porcelain, Silver, Furniture and Collectibles, of the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers.

I began working for Pinneys Auctions over 25 years ago. I continued to work for them when they joined Fraser Auctions under the new name Fraser Pinneys Auctions. Fraser Pinneys Auctions then became Pinneys Auctions once more, as Fraser wanted to concentrate on their retail store. I held the position of weekly auction sales manager, providing customers with evaluations and organizing sales. I then became self-employed as an antique dealer buying and selling paintings, silver, porcelain etc. After leaving I kept close contact with the auction company and helped with evaluations etc. I am sorry to report that Pinneys' Auctions closed in the Spring of 2006. House sales have become part of our business in recent years. Karen joined me in the business when I became self-employed. Her exceptional people skills have made her the main seller at antique shows. Her great organization skills have made her invaluable at house sales etc.


Our business at present is in these main areas; We organize house sales. We provide evaluation and appraisal services. We buy and sell antiques. We also consult on where and which method will be best suited to sell your object or objects.


We are always looking for ways to provide our customers with better services. We began this web page in order to provide a service to those of you who are dealing with an estate here in Montreal or the Quebec region.

In May 2011 I became an accredited member of the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers in order to continue serving you with the highest standards.